Want to Decrease Dental Supplies Costs?

By Dr. Addison Killeen

February 6, 2024

Dental Supplies Costs are a category that eat up your profitability in small chunks over time, but there’s good news! It’s super easy to fix!

I’ve seen larger practices spending 8% on supplies, but what’s the perfect goal percentage?

We have the answer to that and many other questions in the newest manual from Dental Success Network:

Dental Supplies Costs

This book covers supplies, including:

How to Address Dental Supplies Costs

We address the most common places where we overspend by answering questions such as:

Throughout this new manual, we give you the big picture strategy and the daily tactics to help you achieve a new, higher level of profitability for your dental practice.

If you’ve struggled to keep your supplies budget in check or are thinking about cutting insurance participation in the next year, then look no further than The Dental Supply Ordering and Fee Analysis Manual!

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