2021 Dental Systemization: Jumpstart Challenge

By Dr. Mark Costes

October 6, 2021

Foundational Steps

The end of 2021 is fast approaching. As it does I am extending a challenge to you and your team: The Systemization Jumpstart.

You have heard me talk about how all practices need a detailed operations manual to run efficiently and effectively.

If you don’t already have one or have been intimidated by the idea of tackling all the systems in an operations manual I invite you to use this week to join the challenge and execute these three foundational steps to get started:

End of Day Protocols (EODP)
Office Manager Am Protocol (OMAMP)
Downtime Protocol (DTP)

Check out the video below to learn how to execute each:



In Summary

By putting these three systems into place over the next week you will begin to see significant improvement in the workflow, execution, and morale of your office.

These three easy systems are a great place to start in the systemization journey and begin the full operations manual project.

DSN Members get access to the documents listed above as part of the full digital operations manual. Check out 45 Days Free to get yours!