Are You Balancing Everything?

By Addison Killeen

April 23, 2024

Sometimes there’s a ton of stuff on our plates. Recently for me, it’s been quite overwhelming. I lost my personal assistant about 2 months ago, and I’m trying to simplify my life to work without that person. This is all while publishing the 7th DSN Manual, collaborating on the next one with Dr. Chris Green, keeping up with podcasts and recordings, preparing for the Dental Success Summit in San Antonio, Texas, in a few weeks, and doing the Hard 75 with a small group of us from DSI. Eating healthy has probably saved me, but my sleep is getting pinched from both directions, averaging between 5 to 6 hours a night.

However, throughout all this, it’s taught me that every waking moment, I need to be focused on the most important tasks for the day. While every person differs, the following strategies can help you stay mentally focused:

And then finally, find a two-for-one deal on your time. If you’re trying to be productive as well as get a workout in, how about doing both at the same time? Maybe go for a walk with that team member as you discuss ways to improve in the practice. Maybe eat lunch while also holding a meeting with your hygiene department to go over systemized treatment planning. Doing two activities at once to make the most of your time.

Overall, productivity isn’t about always being at work, or working on being productive, it’s about being productive during the times of the day when you need to, so that when you turn it off, whether that’s home with the kids, or home with your spouse, you can be fully present for when you get to focus on the other areas of your life that aren’t considered “working.”

I hope that’s something to think about and helps make you more productive (only when you need to be)!

Be well and do well,

Addison Killeen

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