Dental Practice: Changing Seasons

By Dr. Addison Killeen

April 19, 2022

A Clear Understanding

As the seasons change, I’m reminded of a quote from James Clear that really spoke to me last year:

“Good advice at the wrong time is bad advice. Life is full of seasons and each season has different requirements. Know what season you are in, and you can better identify which ideas to utilize.”

This quote stuck with me because it spoke to how my life has gone.

Sometimes I have to be a clinical thoroughbred. I have to work 48 hrs clinically a week to keep the practice afloat.

Sometimes I have to deep dive into the practice to find those pearls and leverage the team to get the results I know are possible.

Sometimes I have to focus on family and our new baby, battling sleep deprivation and handling the daily stresses of parenting around sports and activities.

We each have seasons. Sometimes those seasons match our optimal energy output and we get to put our positive, best selves in a place and time where our output is best-suited for the season. Sometimes we are prepared for being a killer clinician and utilizing our newfound skills, when family duties take all our energy and time. To be honest, it sucks.

When this happens, I go back to this quote. It reminds me that I need to be intensely aware of what season we’re in, and match my energy accordingly.

Know what season you’re in, and move to accept it and make the most of it.


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