Dental Practice: Cheapest Employee Benefit Ever

By Dr. Addison Killeen

September 28, 2021

Unhealthy Snacks

I wanted to share something that I’ve been doing for a few months now and it’s going over super well. A while back, I noticed that the team was eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks around the office because specialists were sending cakes, cookies, and candy ALL THE TIME!

Whenever we’d get a nice box of cookies from a specialist, or someone would buy doughnuts, it would be awesome…. Until the sugar high led to a crash a few hours later. This dip would always lead to crankiness and talk of starting a new diet competition among the team. So, how do I combat the sugar high-low energy roller coaster while also giving the team a nice benefit?

Stock the fridge with healthy foods!



On Mondays, I send my sterilization tech out to the grocery store to buy about $60 worth of snacks, salads, fruit, tuna packets, and vegetables. This usually lasts almost the entire week.


What are my takeaways from this now?

1. Nutrition; everyone eats healthier
2. Employees feel the love
3. People ‘gather’ in the break room for informal meetings more often
4. Team members who have to work through lunch and don’t get time to leave to grab lunch have food right there to snack on
5. Staff has better energy and attitudes throughout the day

This final benefit cannot be overstated. The team seems to just be way happier and have more energy later in the day when they eat healthy. It’s amazing what a small benefit can do for the health of the time, and quite honestly, the productivity of the team.


In Summary

Small things like this are often talked about on Dental Success Network’s private community. Sometimes they are small benefits, sometimes they are crazy ideas. However, sometimes the craziest ideas lead to incremental improvements which lead to a better dental practice.

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