Dental Practice: Keep Your Active Patients Active

By Dr. McKinzie Jeffrey

February 28, 2023

Do you have patients leaving without their next appointment scheduled? Not sure how to keep track? Divergent Dental provides the daily dashboard report at the end of every work day and this metric can be found on the far right of that report.

This number was very helpful for our office to start focusing on keeping that number high so we could be sure our active patients stay active! Add it to a team member’s morning huddle to report every morning and set a percentage goal to hit.

This designated team member can also look into who did not schedule and try to follow up with them to get their recall on the books or deactivate their chart. If it was an emergency or limited exam, convert that patient into a new patient exam for next visit. Do not let patients walk out without their next appointment booked, and if they do, have a follow up protocol.

The percent goal we have at our office is 95%. The reason it is not 100% is because there are simply folks we do not want to keep active and some that will not schedule. Those are usually not great patients that we want to try and maintain; so, we consider deactivating in those cases. When working to drop insurances, you will also find that some will not reschedule but this is par for the course.

I suggest keeping up with it daily as it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with it weekly or monthly.

Wishing you the best in 2023!