Dental Practice: Partnership Tracks Deconstructed

By Dr. Mark Costes

November 2, 2021

Partnership Qualifications

Partnership. One of the biggest decisions you’ll be confronted with as a business owner is whether to bring on a partner and how to properly select and structure the partnership once a decision has been made.

If you are an owning doc, are you wanting to bring on your associate as a partner because you fear that they might go somewhere else?

If you are an associate doc, are you looking for partnership because you feel as though your clinical contribution is worth 50% ownership?

In this clip from Dental Success Summit 2021, Blackbelt coach Alastair Macdonald and I discuss the difference between qualifying for partnership in a practice and being qualified to partner, for both parties of a dental practice partnership.

Take the time to watch this quick clip. It’ll change the way you view partnerships forever!




In Summary

If you are looking for real time feedback and direct support on partnerships check out the 45-Day Free Trial of Dental Success Network and get answers from our faculty who have been through it!