Dental Practice: Stress Free Hygiene Optimization

By Ashlee Hirschfeld

October 18, 2022

Clean Up Your Hygiene

A healthy and flourishing hygiene department is vital to the overall success of a dental practice. However, it can be challenging to let focus slip from this department as long as the doctor schedule is full.

Today, we are sharing a couple of podcast episodes from The Dentalpreneur where practice owner and DSN blackbelt coach Dr. Ben Kacos focuses on optimizing the hygiene department and how to make it not just profitable but a center for patient health advocacy. He likewise stresses the importance of leadership, extreme ownership, and coaching with love for growing the production of the hygienist.

In part 2, he delves into how to calibrate systems and processes for your dental hygienist. He also tackles the importance of having periodontal protocols, daily metrics, and monthly goals for this to become a revenue-producing department affecting the bottom line and positively impacting the profitability of the practice.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2.