Dental Practice: What Gets Measured Gets Managed

By Dr. Addison Killeen

December 14, 2021

Measuring and Managing The RIGHT Things

We’ve always heard the phrase: What gets measured gets managed.

This quote is often attributed to management theorist Peter Drucker, although he admitted he never said it or created it. However, the point is still applicable–If we are to improve, we must measure, make incremental adjustments, and try again.

Often though, we can get trapped into measuring worthless things!! DO NOT DO THIS. Measuring some metrics can be antithetical to your desired business outcome, and can harm your employees morale.

Trying to measure how long breaks certain employees are taking? Trying to measure how many cases that a TC closes and thereby pushing them to use hard-sell tactics?

Some of these efforts might have noble ends–you want harder work, or you want more treatment to be planned. However, focusing on the wrong metrics can backfire.

The key?

Measure the right things, and manage the right things

So, what do we manage? For me, I set my WIGs to focus on Google Reviews, New Patients, and TOTAL revenues. The first numbers are all about guest experience and how happy people are when they leave. New patients are mostly driven by referrals and google reviews. If we improve google reviews and patient experience, then we will hit those goals well. If the first two goals are hit, then the final goal is easy to attain.

In Summary

So this week, measure the right things, manage the right things! If you aren’t a member check out the 45 Day Free Trial of Dental Success Network.