Dental Practice: Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching

By Dr. Addison Killeen

May 17, 2022

Expanding Your Mind  

I was reading the Tao Te Ching the other day, and of the small percentage of it that I can comprehend, I enjoyed it. Chapter 14 reads:

Which is more important, your honor or your life?

Which is more valuable, your possessions or your person?

Which is more destructive, success or failure?

Because of this, great love extracts a great cost and true wealth requires greater loss.

As it often goes, we get successful, and that might actually be destructive because it allows us to chase shiny objects, while neglecting something powerful that just needed a little more energy.  When we get distracted by ‘shiny objects’, sometimes we need to go back to our goals, and re-focus on what we are actually doing here.

In my experience, these questions describe the constant struggle for high-performing people to describe their goals. It’s easy to set a monetary goal. Sometimes it’s easy to say, “I want 3 clinics with 6 doctors.”  However, finding the complete vision of their goals is much harder. (Also- who do you have to become to achieve that goal?)


Setting Apart Mastermind Practices

Dr. Mark Costes and the Elite Practice Mastermind often go through goal-setting exercises, including very specific visionary activities that encompass 16 different parts of the future. These include where you will donate your skills and money, what your family looks like, and what your relationships look like.

If you want to dig a little deeper into these questions and work towards a more fulfilled life, we encourage you to sign up for Mark’s 16-Day 4 Futures Challenge HERE. Or, if you just want to buy the book, you can buy it on Amazon HERE.

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