Do You Have a Training Plan?

By dsn

April 4, 2023


Culture Hiring

We are in a new age of hiring and Dental Success Network is seeing more members hire for culture over skill. When hiring a good culture fit, it is up to the leaders in the practice to dedicate an adequate amount of time to training to ensure the success of the new team member. Creating a training plan can help with holding your new team member accountable and create a mutually beneficial bond.

Here are a few tips and resources to help implement an effective 30-60-90 training plan;

  1. Start with creating the “Ideal Team Player” using the office’s core values, mission, and vision statement;
  2. Create a job description for each department using the Ideal Team Player and the office department daily checklist to summarize day-to-day tasks;
  3. And, create a 30-60-90 training plan which sets benchmarks that encompass the Ideal Team Player, job description, and daily checklist.

Implementing a 30-60-90 day training plan leads to team unity, clarity of job description and expectations, effective communication, and –most importantly– identifying early if this team member is the best fit for your practice.


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