It’s a good year to be ‘Tax-Wise’ – 9 Quick Tips

By dsn

December 20, 2022

A Year in Review

In 2022 we’ve seen rising costs in all aspects of business and life due to inflation. While those increasing costs will undoubtedly have an effect on your bottom line, there are plenty of opportunities to adjust your 2022 tax filing to reduce the amount you’ll have to pay in a year where everyone’s feeling the effects of inflation.


Looking Ahead

Below are just a few items that could help save a bit of money in 2022. Bring these up with your licensed tax preparer to see if they can work for your business.

Opportunities to Save Through Strategic Tax Elections

Write-Off Eligible Losses Related to Depreciated or Worthless Assets

Tax Credits for Qualified Businesses

Other Items to Consider

Happy Holidays!

The Dental Success Network Team