Keep It Simple: Dental Practice Strategies

By Dr. Addison Killeen

October 19, 2021

Weekly Growth Meetings

Weekly growth meetings are a key to enhancing your dental practice strategies. Recently we had our weekly growth meeting, and we had to address some scheduling issues. It got a little heated to say the least.

Doctor time was not lining up, too many patients packed in….and the front desk wants to kill the assistants, and the assistants put out a hit on the front desk. (Not literally, we’re not in California, but close.)



So…we reviewed the rules of scheduling, doctor time, block outs, etc. that are implemented to enhance our dental practice’s growth.

However, it hit me, and so I sort of wrapped up the meeting with this quote that I heard from Pastor Craig Groschel on his leadership podcast:

“Growth leads to complexity, complexity kills growth.”

So, rather than make all these complex rules about emergency appointments, specific times, specific blockouts per doctor I decided to share this with my team:

“YOU KNOW THE CORE VALUES of the practice and the first one is Provide a Fantastic Guest Experience. That is it. Schedule according to the 1. Rules of Scheduling, and 2. Follow the Core Values. If the patient experience suffers, then it’s a no-go.”

I told them that I’m not going to legislate every situation, everyday. “I want you guys to use your best judgement, and follow the values. Let’s keep this simple.”


In Summary

For the past few weeks, things have been better and patient experience has still been good. So far everyone seems to understand and I think it helps to keep your dental practice strategies simple.

As you work through this week, just remember that mantra from Craig Groschel.

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