Make One Decision

By Dr. Addison Killeen

March 14, 2023

Setting Rules

Making too many decisions during a certain period of time can give us fatigue. When we get tired from these decisions, we can oftentimes make bad ones by not thinking through all the iterations and consequences.

On a recent podcast, I heard something that author Peter Drucker once said which is summarized as, “If you can make one decision, or one rule, that will negate having to make 100 decisions: make that one decision.”

Maybe your rule is, “Nothing after 5pm on a workday.” When someone asks to go meet for drinks, you do not have to spend any energy to see whether it works in your schedule, whether you want to, or whether it provides value to you. If it goes against your rules and it would cut into family time, you get to say, “Sorry, I just don’t take appointments after 5pm.”

Maybe it is that you just do not do restorative work until after periodontal status is stable. Even if patients want you to give them 4 crowns, but their gums are horrible: you say, “Sorry but I’m not going to place crowns on periodontally sub-par teeth.” Easy decision, because you did not have to make a decision. Your rule already made the decision for you.


Your Rule?

If you were to think about one rule, or decision, you could make today, what would it be?

Maybe, it is that you only travel away to CE three weekends per year.

Maybe, it is that you only do investments that are 100% passive: no more managing rental houses on your non-clinical hours.

Maybe, it is that you say “no” to any meetings that are not initiated by you: guarding your time and freedom more like a hawk.

So, what is your new “one” decision that will negate 100 other decisions?