Purchasing a Dental Practice: Hilarious Acquisitions Story

By Dr. Addison Killeen

October 12, 2021

All You Can Do is Laugh 

This is a story of buying a dental practice that you just can’t make up.  If you need something to laugh about today, this is it.  

Why is this so hilarious? Between Dr. Mark Costes and myself, we’ve bought and started over 25 dental practices. It was through each of these acquisitions that we learned countless lessons and started writing a book that is coming out in a few weeks: The Dental Acquisitions Manual.

While researching our new book we had the pleasure of hearing this hilarious tale from a DSN Member:

“I had just purchased my practice and building and was leaving my previous practice to meet my new team. I had a feeling of joy and excitement that comes from accomplishing a goal that I had envisioned since the day I started dental school. There was a light snowfall which gave a white blanket of brightness to the winter dreariness. I knew that this was going to be the beginning of a new chapter, a journey filled with ups and downs and new opportunities for growth.

I had not even stepped foot in the practice as the new owner yet when I got a call from the seller. He calmly informed me that the sewage pump in the basement of my new building was broken and it had happened in the hour since we had signed all the closing documents. Raw sewage was now backing up into the basement and as the new owner of the building, it was my responsibility to take care of it.

Literal shit was filling up my new practice.  Excrement.  Poop.

The joys of business and building ownership started pretty much right away for me!”

Pretty funny, and slightly reminiscent of Cousin Eddy of National Lampoon’s when he says, ‘Shitters full!’


It was stories like this, that are completely avoidable, and even if they aren’t avoidable, you can make sure you have a plan in place to deal with them.  

Guide to Buying a Dental Practice

Our ‘Dental Acquisitions Manual’ is now available for preorder at Dental Success Network.  

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In Summary

We may be biased, but this manual is the most valuable book we have written to date.  We are super proud of it, and we think this will help in so many ways for many of you (us included) that are looking for an acquisition in the near future. 

If you’ve found value in any of the resources we’ve shared in the past, we know you’ll love this one.  In addition, check out the 45-Day Free Trial of Dental Success Network.