SEO Experiment Update

By Michael Lomotan

August 30, 2022

Our Progress

If you remember my last tactical Tuesday post, my goal was to try and come up in the keyword ranking for “Dentist in San Diego” just by creating a landing page with the same url slug and linking it directly to my Google Business page. It’s still pretty early in the process and I haven’t seen a jump in my keyword ranking just yet, but oddly enough we added ourselves to the local pack in Google Mobile and Google for the TMJ and Botox keywords.

I’m still investigating this further, but what we noticed is that by creating the landing page and linking it directly in GBP, the traffic to the landing page is pretty impressive.


Modern Marketing

We tend to focus so much on web page design and optimization, yet marketers often overlook the low hanging fruit of the Google Business Page. I have yet to hear many “dental marketers” discuss how important this is, and instead try to focus on the importance of having a custom website that stands out. In my humble opinion, I feel that’s a very 2001 argument and I would challenge everyone to see just how long people spend on your site. Are they spending 5 minutes admiring the design of your website? Or spending a few seconds to digest the information that they feel is most important to them. In looking at the time spent on our site, it’s clear that people spend a lot of time checking out our fees. Which makes sense because people care about their money.

My next step is to track what pages potential customers are jumping to from our landing page. I’ll assume it’s Botox and TMJ – which accounts for most of our traffic and where we land in the local pack. I will continue to develop the landing page a bit more and try to redesign it such that it doesn’t have an expansion section so that the content is cleanly laid out and easy to read.

If you have any questions or would like guidance on setting up your own GBP page, you know where to find me!