Stressed out? Try this…

By Ashlee Hirschfeld

September 20, 2022

You are Not Alone!

Being a dentist is hard. Flat out. Being a dentist and owning your practice? Let’s increase the stressors of day to day life x10!

Having worked with dentists and practice owners over the last decade, I have watched as the little tasks, simple projects, and daily obligations (personally and professionally) pile up and make focusing on being a clinician and business owner daunting and overwhelming.

I was hired by Dr. Mark Costes in 2012 because of everything listed above and then some. He was practicing dentistry, owned multiple offices, was eager to start new businesses, and maintain some semblance of “work-life balance.” What was he looking for? Someone to delegate to.


Less Stress? More Productivity?

In my experience, first as his personal assistant and now as COO of Dental Success Network, successful delegation is the key not only to decreasing stress but also to increasing productivity.

Check out this clip from a webinar we did where we share exactly how to determine WHAT you need to delegate and then WHO that person should be. From delegating correctly within your current team or bringing on a new team member in the form of a personal/administrative or executive assistant, there are ways to maximize your time as a clinician and business owner.

For more information on the types of tasks you can delegate to a PA or EA fill out this form for my “What Can I Delegate?” PDF resource.

See you inside of DSN!