The Power of Emotional Regulation

By Sydney Robinson

October 10, 2023

Emotional regulation is a superpower that can transform your work environment, even in a high-pressure setting. It’s the ability to manage your emotions, leading to better decision-making, improved relationships, and increased overall workplace satisfaction.

As the practice leader, you’re naturally crowned with the ability to be all-knowing and knowing of all. In most cases, you hold the keys to the kingdom and only you know how the kingdom operates.

Most leaders are constantly interrupted to handle simple tasks such as: “Hey doc, this night guard isn’t fitting. What should I do?” Or “Hey, Office Manager, the computer will not load the x-rays. Can you fix it?” Every day could feel like an uphill battle and an unending list of decisions to make. Frustration boils over, and hiding your irritability and stress becomes impossible.

Let’s start with checking our emotions:

Emotional regulation isn’t a luxury: it’s a necessity for leaders in dental practices. By mastering this skill, you can navigate the daily challenges of your role with grace and resilience. Emotional regulation isn’t about suppressing emotions but channeling them constructively to foster a more positive and productive workplace environment.

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