Working Together

Gain access to expert advice from our network of dentists.

Collaborate to Grow your Practice

Join a dental community of over 1,000 dentists and the industry’s top business, marketing, operations and strategic planners on DSN’s private community.

Ask questions, get answers and collaborate to grow your practice. You will find them answering clinical, practice management, and life-related questions every single day in our Workplace community. Our esteemed faculty will also on occasion host dental continuing education courses pertaining to their particular domain expertise, so you will have the opportunity to learn clinical and dental practice management skills at a great discount.

Private, Online Dental Community

Members get access to our private, dentist-only, community where you can ask pertinent business or clinical questions and get solid advice from other high-performing dentists. Do you have best practices you want to share? Here you can learn as you see fit. Best of all, the community is 100% dentists with vetted faculty members who are experts in their domain to help you through financial planning, tax advice, leadership, practice analytics and personal development. Every question is answered with good intent and no ulterior motives. No salespeople, no assistants and no staff. All applicants must be a licensed dentist in good standing.


Specialized Topics

Enjoy rooms that are specifically related to an area of dentistry that has a high interest for many of our users, such as:

  • Practice Management
  • Endodontics
  • Marketing
  • Implants
  • Starting up Right: Acquisitions & Denovo Secrets
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
A laptop with the courses offered by the Dental Success Institute on screen

Led By True Experts

Dental Success Network was built by Dr. Mark Costes with the goal of helping dentists run a profitable business, become better clinicians and build a community where like-minded dental practice owners can collaborate and become leaders in the dental industry.


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