The Ultimate Guides to Dental Success!

The Ultimate Bundle

This ultimate guide to success provides guidance throughout the evolution of your dental practice.

Dr. Mark Costes and Dr. Addison Killeen attack the major parts of the dental practice such as:

  • Scouting locations for possible acquisitions
  • How to create a stress-free practice
  • Floor plan design
  • How to determine cost per procedure
  • Scripts for all types of phone calls and patient handoffs

Purchase 2 months of Dental Success Network and Front Office Academy and get the following: 

  • 2 months access to Dental Success Network
  • 2 months access to Front Office Academy
  • The Dental Office Operation Manual
  • The Dental Start-up Manual
  • The Dental Acquisitions Manual
  • The Dental Office Marketing Manual
  • The Associate Dentist Manual
  • The Dental Front Office Manual
  • The Dental Supply Ordering and Fee Analysis Manual
  • Dr. Mark Costes – Pillars of Dental Success
  • Dr. Addison Killeen – By The Numbers
  • Drs. Green and Dhoon – The Practice Launch Pad
  • Four Futures Manual’

NOTE: This product is a preorder and will not ship until the first week of February.

Dental Office Operations Manual

The resources found in The Dental Office Operations Manual are the ultimate guide to creating your own in-office operations manual. We know how important it is to take time to create internal resources with a high level of detail. This level of detail will guide your team, organize your office and help to create that stress-free practice you’re striving for. The manual includes:

  • Employee Handbook and COVID Handbook
  • Position Descriptions, Job Ads, Onboarding Systems, QA Sheets, Daily Task Lists for every position
  • Scripts for all types of phone calls and patient handoffs
  • Overhead and Cash Flow Control Systems

Included in the Operations Manual Kit:

  • Dental Office Operations Manual
  • 4 Futures Journal
  • By the Numbers
  • Pillars of Dental Success

The Associate Manual

“Many dentists are getting to the point of burnout because their practice is growing and patients love their personalized care. However, at a certain point, they cannot do any more dentistry. When this problem occurs, the most common answer is to grow the business and hire an associate. Unfortunately, most dentists do not plan or execute, this idea well at all. This leaves the owner frustrated and the associate in a bad spot after a few months. This book is the answer to help avoid those problems, keep the owner of the practice happy, and give systems to help develop the associate into an amazing clinician and member of the team.”


Dental Startup Manual

In this guide, they teach and guide you through the journey from initial idea through first patients- plus saving you more than $50,000 in the process. With downloadable documents to match throughout the process, this guide will attack the major parts of the process including financing, site selection, floorplan design, construction, equipment selection, cabinetry, technology, marketing, systemization and cash flow control. The manual includes:

  • How to Budget & Game plan
  • How to manage Loan Calculator
  • How to determine Cost Per Procedure
  • How to track Critical 4 Equipment Inventor
  • How to create a team Accountability Agreement

Included in the Startup Manual Kit:

  • Dental Office Startup Manual
  • 4 Futures Journal
  • One Month Free of Front Office Academy

Dental Office Acquisition Manual

This 339-page instructional manual covers everything you could need in buying a dental practice.

From scouting locations for possible acquisitions – all the way through the challenges that may arise as you take ownership and work with a new team.

This is the book we wished we had as we ran the gamut of acquiring offices.

Included in the book:

  • Downloadable spreadsheets
  • Contracts
  • Letters
  • Training manuals to help you get through this process with ease.

Dental Marketing Manual

Ever wonder why some dental offices only get 10 new patients per month, where others can get 100-300 new patients per month? Ever wonder why some practices look like they ‘have it together’, and others seem disjointed? This book answers why and gives the keys you want to know to help your practice get the best return-on-investment for your marketing dollars!

Included in the book:

  • Branding and logo design
  • Website design and search engine optimization
  • Google Ads, Facebook ads and funnels
  • Evaluate external marketing agency versus hiring your own internal marketing manager

With many examples for each type of marketing, this is the only book you need in the marketing space if you’re looking at doing any sort of marketing for your dental practice.


Dental Front Office Manual

Trying to manage and learn the Front Office of your Dental Clinic can feel overwhelming. With insurance, billing, phones, and tons of paperwork- there’s many moving parts and it is difficult to teach the systems in a clear manner. Sometimes insurance denies treatment. Sometimes the phones keep ringing off the hook and you need to help manage scripts. Sometimes you need a good process for billing, either by mail or text. If this sounds like you, then this book is the answer to your prayers. At 272 pages (plus tons of digital downloads), this book is packed full of the best scripts to help with the phones, the right way to bill appropriately, and the best ways to leverage insurance websites to make sure you get quick and accurate benefits.
If you feel like the front office is overwhelming, look no further – this book is for you!
the dental front office manual

Dental Supply Ordering and Fee Analysis Manual

Transform your dental practice’s finances with our expert guide, poised to cut your costs by up to $20,000 a year. Master supply ordering and budgeting with our specialized spreadsheet and the Dental Success Network formulary, keeping expenses at a tight 4%. Streamline lab costs, select the optimal radiology equipment, and precisely calculate profits per procedure, ensuring your practice’s profitability.

Key features include:

  • Effective lab bill management
  • In-depth analysis for radiology equipment selection
  • Detailed cost-profit breakdown for each procedure
  • Strategic insurance policy evaluation
  • Our exclusive Cash Flow System, implementing the Profit First approach

Unlock financial success and efficiency with this essential resource for your dental practice.


Meet the Authors

Dr. Mark Costes headshot

Mark Costes, DDS

Learn More

Dr. Costes is an international keynote speaker and the founder of the Dental Success Institute, a company committed to helping dentists to achieve their full potential, while recapturing their passion for dentistry. He is also the co-founder and CEO of the Dental Success Network, a vibrant community of dentists from around the globe focused on maximizing access of advanced clinical and practice management education to the profession. Dr. Costes is the International and #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the book Pillars of Dental Success. His internet radio show, The Dentalpreneur Podcast now has listenership from over 150 countries worldwide.

Dr. Addison Killeen

Addison Killeen, DDS

Learn More

Dr. Killeen is an author, speaker and coach in the dental world. He is the Co-Founder of the Dental Success Network, has owned 8 dental practices, and is a coach at the Dental Success Institute. He wrote the book ‘By the Numbers’, a guide to understanding the main numbers and metrics to run your dental practice more efficiently. He currently is the Owner and Founder of Capital Dental, a startup in Lincoln, Nebraska that has grown from zero to $2.4M annual revenue in the first 12 months.

Dr. Summer Kassmel

Dr. Summer Kassmel

Multiple Practice Ownership and Entrepreneurship

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Dr. Summer Kassmel is a practicing dentist and owner of 2 large, multi-doctor offices in the Vail, CO area. She has built a life she loves in the mountains of Colorado where she works 1-2 clinical days a week and 2 days of CEO days (imagination time!) Always the entrepreneur, Summer owns and operates a dental assisting school out of her flagship practice and is owner of Rocky Mountain Dental Assisting Schools, a DA program other doctors can purchase to train DA’s out of their own offices. Summer is passionate about helping all doctors build practices and lives of their dreams but is especially enthusiastic about supporting women doctors grow thriving practices they love. She is currently a coach for DSI and loves using numbers to help doctors make smart decisions that allow them to work with intention rather than at a frenetic pace. When not daydreaming or working, Summer enjoys every minute of the mountain lifestyle with her two kiddos, Siena and Cash.



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