Dental Success Insights

Success as You Age

October 3, 2023

Have you ever met those older retiring dentists and wonder how they got there? You think to yourself, “Boy, if I could just learn what they know, I’d be instantly successful.” While this might appear to be true on the surface, there’s another thing at play. It took decades for them to hone their skills […]

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“Doc, I Can’t Breathe!” (Why a Rubber Dam Might be the Answer)

September 26, 2023

The patient had been anesthetized (block for the lower left and infiltration for #8) and I was just starting to prep a very small lesion on #8. Every few seconds he would move to get out from under the handpiece. So, I asked, “What’s going on right now?”“Doc, I can’t breathe!” That is not exactly […]

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3 Strategies So That “Sucktember” Doesn’t Happen

September 19, 2023

Have you ever had the experience of a downturn in September? I sure have. I’ve charted out the last 10 years of production and it always seemed like there was about a 10-15% drop in average production in September: I could never figure out why. For the last 2 years, I’ve been dedicated to fighting […]

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Dental Hygiene Compensation Models

September 12, 2023

Hygiene compensation has always been a hot topic. In light of current hygiene staffing challenges, it has become a critical element in securing and retaining hygienists. In addition to incentivizing hygienists, for a compensation model to be sustainable, it must provide structure to ensure the hygiene department remains a profitable part of the dental practice. […]

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Recession is coming…?

September 5, 2023

Banks are failing. DSOs are buying like crazy. Stock market is doing wild upswings and downswings. Seems like all the pundits are saying a recession is coming. If everyone on the face of the earth thinks that a recession is coming, will it really happen?I am sorry to say I am not smart enough to […]

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Saving Costs and Time on the Books

August 29, 2023

Let’s be real…bookkeeping sucks, it’s tedious, can take a lot of time and it’s boring. You can do it yourself, but is it worth your time? You know what your production per hour is, so what’s the trade-off between DIY or paying an expert to do it? Remember, however, that just because you outsource this […]

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5 Steps to Successfully Navigating Cringy Conversations

August 22, 2023

Having difficult conversations is never easy, but you can navigate them with empathy and effectiveness by following a structured approach. In this guide, we will explore five key steps to help you have those uncomfortable conversations in a way that promotes open dialogue, collaboration, and growth. Implementing these steps can foster a safe and productive […]

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Systems: Where do I start?

August 15, 2023

I get questions all the time about how daunting an operations manual looks when trying to start putting one together. Sometimes new clients on DSN see others who have huge manuals or online folders, and they get overwhelmed. However, everyone started at zero; so, here is my quick guide to Systemization. Start with these three […]

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Creating Certainty for Associates

August 8, 2023

Our friends at Polaris have some great tips for you around attracting and bringing on a new associate. Check out the info below. Building a successful group practice means creating stability among associates, and stability is often best achieved through ownership.  Aside from a traditional buy-in scenario, there are two types of “earn-in” methodologies.  Here’s a closer look […]

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Dental Practice: The Right Endodontic File System for You

August 1, 2023

As the saying goes “It’s a pretty sorry carpenter that blames his tools for a failed result”.But, the opposite is also true. If we have a great result, it is not because of the “tools” that were used. Sure, great tools make getting that great result easier but great tools in the hands of an […]

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