Dental Success Insights

Dental Practice: Cheapest Employee Benefit Ever

September 28, 2021

Unhealthy Snacks I wanted to share something that I’ve been doing for a few months now and it’s going over super well. A while back, I noticed that the team was eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks around the office because specialists were sending cakes, cookies, and candy ALL THE TIME! Whenever we’d get a […]

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Dental Practice Owners: The 322,00 Raise

September 21, 2021

Multiplying Your Income   It’s not uncommon: Dental practice owners spinning their wheels and working long draining hours for that million dollar office. And for what? Maybe a 1/10th of the collections as compensation? Check out this case study from the Dental Success Summit of Dr. Glenn, who was doing just that. However, by focusing on […]

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Leaders DON’T Have All of the Answers

September 14, 2021

What questions should leaders ask? You already read it in the subject line, however it bears repeating: Leaders DON’T have all the answers. We just don’t. Many times our teams have the answers, and we just need to use skill in empowering them to give that answer. Ideas come from great brainstorming and thinking. That […]

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Implementation & Systemization In the Dental Practice

August 10, 2021

Prioritizing Ideas Dental practice owners are already in a class of their own–often functioning as clinicians, CEOs, heads of HR, and just about every other imaginable task in between. But, how do you keep your practice moving forward as you implement new growth strategies and systems without getting bogged down? Check out this clip from […]

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Running a Dental Practice: Why Effective Communication Strategies Matter

May 16, 2021

Poor Communication Can Hurt Your Dental Practice and Policies. One of the most important habits you can develop at your dental practice is clear and thorough communication. People often think they have an effective communication strategy in place for their team and patients — only to find out there was an issue in the process. […]

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